Waterwise Landscape

Here in Southern California many people have come to realize that it makes sense to install landscaping that uses less water than the traditional landscape.

The question is how can I have a beautiful landscape that is also waterwise? It’s easier than you might think!
Southern California is one of the five regions in the world that have a Mediterranean climate. Mediterranean climates typically have hot dry summers and cool wet winters. Many of the plants we use in landscaping here come from these other Mediterranean regions (the area around the Mediterranean Sea, Chile, Western Australia and Southern Africa).

Since plants from these other Mediterranean areas are from climates similar to ours they can get by on much less water once established than plants from wetter areas of the world.

And of course there are many California native plants that make a very attractive addition to any landscape. The varieties of trees and shrubs native to our region and their foliage, bark and flower colors make California natives a great alternative to some of the thirstier commonly used plants.
There also a great many plants, which are not from Mediterranean regions that require very little water once established such as Clivias, Aspidistra, Flax and Cordyline.

In addition to plant choices, a properly installed irrigation system can lessen the amount of water used considerably. Zoning so that plants with similar water requirements are watered at the same time is one way to increase watering efficiency. And in some cases it makes sense to use a drip system to minimize water usage.

A waterwise landscape does not have to be drab or dry looking. Creative landscape design and a properly designed irrigation system can make your home both beautiful and waterwise!

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