Our Design Process

Various levels of design- from a plant list accompanied by a walk through with the client to show plant placement- to a full
scale precise design are available. Generally there is no charge for an informal design when no drawing is done.

The charge for drawings is commiserate with the complexity of the design. When a formal design is done all aspects of the design including hardscape are incorporated into the plan so that a coordinated overall look is achieved.

The design process starts with an on-site interview with the client. The overall goals of for the landscape are reviewed as well as the intended uses of the landscape, which plants in particular the client likes or dislikes, color preferences, whether fragrance is important (or not wanted), lighting needs and which materials are to be used in landscape construction.

Also covered are what plants or features in the existing landscape the client wants to retain, privacy needs which can be achieved with screening trees and shrubs and the number and ages of children who will be using the yard.

A fully comprehensive bid is given showing the exact cost for each aspect of the project as well as a plant list with the botanical name of each plant usually accompanied by photographs of the plants being used.